Speaking of Amazon…

Just a small note about Amazon… Several actually.

As my friend rightly pointed out today, almost anything sold on that site will be shipped for free, if you pass the $25 mark on the order totals. Beware, though, the seller has to be “Amazon” itself. Although I also got free shipments when I had products from other sellers combined in the order, these cases are rare – vast majority of stores selling through Amazon don’t participate in this program.

So – if you’re making a purchase on Amazon – don’t forget to make sure that the “Eligible for free shipping” icon appears next to each of the items, and choose the “Free Super Saver shipping”. Can save you some bucks:)

Another thing good to remember is that when buying from Amazon – you don’t pay sales tax.  Unless you live in the Empire State (NY), of course. Living in New York has its price:-)Also, residents of Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, or Washington are subject to tax. Knowing that can save quite a lot, especially on large purchases (for example, my Mac mini was bought there, and not in the Apple store next door, precisely because of that. $50 saved.).

And the last but not least – the shipping speed. I don’t know how it is with other areas, but here, in the SF Bay Area, the free super saver shipping takes 2 business days to arrive. Which is awesome.

Isn’t that nice to know? So, enjoy your shopping!

(and no, they don’t pay me… they should, shouldn’t they? 🙂 )

Your Little Advisor

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