A small bonus for the upcomfing weekend!

There are many nice utilities that are developed as shareware and you might have wanted them, but didn’t want to pay. So, unless you need something specific and urgent, check out this site:

GiveAway of the Day

Every day they publish a software that usually costs money, for a free download. If you catch something you like – download, install and activate on the day it is offered, don’t delay installing after you downloaded the file.

But make sure, before downloading and installing, to read all the comments and reviews. Although there are some very precious gems occasionaly, not everything that shines is gold.


Your Little Advisor

PS: At the right side, on the sidebar, there’s the link to the today’s free software, updated daily. Just take a look when you come back to read the blog, maybe something nice will pop up.

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1 Response to Freebies

  1. Vin says:

    Also, read the reviews for some free (totally) alternatives, usually someone will post a comment with free alternatives, and a small comparison between them.

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