Oh all these cables…

So how about it? HD TV is a standard now, even over the air we get the free channels in the full HD format. Cool, huh?

There are many different TV’s and standards, and you can drown in all the info about the digital TV (maybe I’ll post an article about that, too), but the basics are simple. You want the highest quality for the lowest price, don’t we all?

But what does it mean? Lets take a closer look at one small detail of your living room – the cables. And I’m not talking about the “Comcast” set top box or DVR you might have, not that. I’m talking about the actual cables connecting whatever receiver you might be using to your TV (whether its a cable service provider like Comcast or Cox, or satellite provider like DirecTV or DISH, or a plain simple over the air TV receiver).

If you have an HD receiver (as you should, by this time), you need to connect it to your TV with a special cable called “HDMI” cable. This cable is needed to provide the required bandwith between the receiver and the TV when watching the High Definition channels, and one of its benefits is that it is the same cable that is used to pass both the video and the audio (as opposed to the older, tri-color dongles for the composite connection used by the standard definition receivers or DVD’s, or even 5-cable bundles needed for the component connection used in the older high-definition receivers). One cable for everything, very convinient, and easy to install.

How much that wonder cable costs? Now, that’s a question. The simple answer is “a lot”. The prices vary from $8.99 (the cheapest 6′ on Frys.com today) to $159.99 (for an up-scale 9-5/6″ AudioQuest cable at BestBuy.com), and that’s not the highest ever.

So how much should  you really pay? Well, I asked a friend in Los Angeles, who knows a thing or two about the audio and video hardware. He said “$4… maybe $5”. Less than half of the price Fry’s want? And for a better quality product? Apparently so. You just need to know where to look. Here, would be a good place to start.

Now I know too. Isn’t that nice?
Your Little Advisor.

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