Doesn’t that feel great to be paid for buying groceries?

Last weekend, “Safeway” supermarkets chain had another one of their “Kohl’s Cash” promotions. They do it from time to time (the previous occasion was some time in November 2009), and the promotion is basically a $10 coupon for each $50 spent at Safeway, that can be redeemed during a short period of time at any Kohl’s store.

This is 20% Kohl’s Cash back, which is a great cash-back deal, one of the greatest I’ve seen out there.

But, being a great deal, it has restrictions that make it harder for us to enjoy it. Lets take a closer look at these, and how we can overcome these difficulties:

1. The promotion is for a short period of time (this time it was between 03/17/2010 and 03/21/2010). Well, makes sense, after all, Safeway and Kohl’s are basically throwing money at us here, there’s only so much they can throw:-). What can be done about this? Several days before the promotion you’ll see fliers and posters at your neighborhood Safeway. Make sure to postpone large purchases to the time when the promotion is active.

2. The promotion is $10 Kohl’s cash per $50, per purchase. You cannot split, combine, or get partial coupons. You spent $49.99? You get nothing. Spend another cent and you get $10. What can be done about this? Once you know about the planned promotion, make a list of all the things you need, or  might need in a months or so, and purchase them during the promotion period. Remember, consolidate them into one single purchase.

3. The coupon you get is for a very short period of time, and can only be redeemed at a Kohl’s store, not online. What can be done about this? Well,  surprisingly – something can be done about this either. If you don’t have anything you want to get from Kohl’s right now, but you might want to buy something in the future (like, when they lower the prices or update the stock, or allow using Kohl’s cash online) – the solution is simple. Buy something at Kohl’s, and then return it. According to the return policy, you will receive a merchandise credit which you’ll be able to use at any Kohl’s store. Without the tight expiration limits of the original coupon. Voila!

So thanks to Safeway and Kohl’s for the wonderful promotion, and I hope they’ll continue bringing it to us in the future as well. And with my tips, I hope you’ll be able to get the most benefits of it!

Your Little Advisor

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