Thousand Dollar Bill???

All of us have probably received an email claiming that just by forwarding it to all of our friends we may have a chance of getting cash  or merchandised from this or that brand.

As I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, if it seems to be too good to be true – it probably is too good to be true.

So how can we know for sure?

There’s a site for that. It’s called ““.
On this site you can check out rumors, suspicious emails, possible scams, historical “facts”, and many more claims that you might want to verify their validity.

For example, the site has a nice article regarding all the chain letters that promise money for email forwarding, how it began, and why it’s still happening.
Another nice piece talks about Coca Cola related myths. Surprisingly, some of them are true.

So, if you hear something and you’re not sure if its true – check it out on this site. Some thing are educational, others just funny.

Your Little Advisor.

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