What to do with the old stuff?

Another way to save (or not waste) money is, of course, recycling your stuff.

What is recycling?

One way to recycle is to give it to someone who needs it.

There are many ways to do it, in this article – I will cover three websites that will help you recycle, and get at least some of the money you previously spent back (if anyone wishes to pay, that is… )

1. eBay – A well known auction site, that many of you have probably used for selling and buying. It is very easy to use it, albeit somewhat costy for sellers. Apart from the percentage of proceeds, eBay also takes some money upfront for every item listed. Although there’s a possibility for free listings (5 per month last time I checked), it comes at a price – higher commissions at the end of the sale, and you’ll still have to pay some money upfront if you want your listing to stand out – more pictures, bigger fonts, additional categories – all these are never free. But, it works, a lot of crowd from all over the world, it’s safe (especially when used in conjunction with PayPal, another eBay company), and the more you use it to buy and sell – the higher your ratings will become.

2. Amazon Marketplace – Amazon, as you have probably noticed, is one of my favorite shopping places. Amazon Marketplace is a direct competition to eBay. Setting up a store and listing products are free (totally!), but the commissions on sale are higher. Amazon, too, have their own payments clearinghouse, so it is safe. The main difference (and, in my opinion advantage) of Amazon Marketplace is that it allows selling at a fixed price without time limitation (like any store), whereas eBay is much better with actions and time-limited sales. So if you can’t sell something on eBay – consider putting it on Amazon, eventually someone will buy it.

3. Craig’s List – Remember these old paper classifields? Well, Craig has put it online. Now, you can post a listing for free in your area, and talk to the potential buyers directly. Since you’re dealing with your buyers directly – this is not the safest choice, and do read the scams page on the site before listing to make sure what to beware of. However, the benefit is clear – the listings are free, and no commissions on the sales. Moreover, you can also give your stuff away for free, if you wish. Why not help someone with something they need and you have? Just make sure to post in the correct category, be it a house, a car, or an old pair of jeans you want to get rid of.

That’s it for today, hope you’ll enjoy your selling

Or shopping:-)

Your Little Advisor

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