Do you have any coupons?

Well, it’s been a while since my last post, sorry about that. Been a little busy, and will write about what I was busy with during the weekend, so stay tuned:-).

In the mean time, here’s something about coupons. Yeah, those pieces of paper (or just sequences of letters and numbers you type in during your on-line shopping checkout session) that can save you a lot of cash.

Do you have them? No? Read on…

Almost any store has a discount coupon on almost any product, at some point of time.  Seriously, I don’t remember when I paid the full price of something for the last time. They have coupons for the cream cheese I put on my bagels at Safeway, for crying out loud!

But there’s a caveat in the story – you have to bring the coupons with you (or have the codes ready when you check-out online). Most stores will not adjust prices if you bring your coupons after you have already completed your purchase. For example – while Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as the Burlington Coat Factory – will gladly do so, Macy’s – will definitely not.

So how to find these coupons?

Several different ways.

1. If you shop at some store often – consider opening an account there (get a store card or a branded credit card). Usually you’ll get an immediate discount (or during the next couple of day’s) of 15-25%, which is cool already. Then, many stores provide constant discounts when using their card (for example, when using Gap card, you get 10% once a week on all the purchases you make that day). And almost all of them will send you coupons from time to time, some might be really valuable (like 25% off at Bloomingdales, or $20 off of a $30+ purchase at Macy’s).

2. Mailing lists. Yes, a lot of them will bring tons of spam to your mailbox, but some may actually be useful. For example, if you subscribe to the Kohl’s electronic mailing list – you’ll receive a $5 coupon off for your next in-store purchase, and 10% off coupon for your next online purchase. At Bed Bath & Beyond, joining the mailing list will bring a $20% off coupon right into your mail box once in a very frequent while. Joining the Borders list will bring you coupons which will allow you buying books at half a price, almost every  week.

3. Social Networks – yes, Facebook or twitter, or others. Become a fan of your brands, follow them, just be careful when you do that. You will get coupons and alerts about sales and discounts in stores or online, some will only be published there (like the Overstock #Windsday contest).

4. Search the Internet. Many coupons are personal or one time use only, but many many more can be used and reused by everyone. Some of them are never advertised, yet provide huge savings. How to search? Easy. Go to the Google search (we have a customized search for you here, right on this site), enter “<Brand> coupons”, substituting <Brand> with whatever brand you want to shop at, and voila – just choose.

There are also many sites dedicated to coupons and discounts searches and sharing, some even provide rebates if you make a purchase. For example:, DealDigs, RetailMeNot, XPBargains (especially for computer related brands), CouponCabin, and many others you might stumble across.

Many of those sites provide ratings for coupons: success (how many people reported the coupon actually working for them), comparisons to other deals, related information about the store, and other details that might help you decide.

So that’s it for now, continue shopping wisely, and don’t let the price tag fool you:-)

Your Little Advisor

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    Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

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