How about saving on your health expenses?

Health expenses can become a huge part of your budget. So the question raises – how to save there? Should we try to save on our health at all?

In this post I’m not going to discuss the generic versus brand drugs, or HMO’s versus PPO’s, or any other “usual” ways to minimize health expenses.

I’ll just give you a link: Eat This, Not That.

The purpose of the site is to show healthier alternatives to the common foods we’re eating, analyze the content of various restaurant chains’ menus, and rate them based on a “health” scale.

Look at this post for example:

8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day“. Not only it provides you with a list of healthy foods you should eat, it also describes each of them, shows why it is good for you, and provides alternatives in case you want a bigger variety. Just click the link.

So, be healthy, and don’t even get to the stage where you have health expenses, that’s the best way to save.

Your Little Advisor.

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