It’s Rain of Deals! Woot!!!

Well, I bought a new netbook a couple of days ago. Well, not exactly new, refurbished, but as good as new. I generally don’t trust refurbished items, but hey, a pretty good netbook for half a price? Especially when I become laptopless for unforeseen circumstances – it’s a catch.

So where did I find this awesome deal? At Woot.

What is Woot? Woot is a site (owned by Amazon) that is dedicated to one deal at a time. Deals change every day (and sometimes, every hour or even faster), and each deal – is a very good deal. Shipping is always $5, so take it into the account when buying ridiculously cheap stuff.

For your convenience – the Woot RSS feed is on the left panel, next to the word from our sponsors. Check it out frequently!

BTW: If not buying, still worth checking it out frequently. Even just to enjoy the witty and funny item descriptions they put.

Your Little Advisor

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