Do you have any coupons? No? Go get some!!!

Today I want to introduce you a coupon site which I think provides some actual value. It’s called Groupon, and the thing with it is that it provides a coupon for a local business, giving a discount over the usual price for 50% to 90%!

The coupons cost money, but it’s not a scam, and the coupons do have a real value, usually much higher than the price Groupon sells them for. Not only that the coupons give you a discount, the coupons are usually  to a local business (although a couple of weeks they provided a coupon for Gap), meaning you can find deals close to you, and also contribute to the local economy in your area. That’s nice.

The examples that I found particularly useful: $15 for a $40 oil change, $10 for $20 at a local Ace Hardware store, and many more.

Worth checking it out. Oh, and by the way, if you do want to check it out – you can also click the Groupon ad, at the “Word from our sponsors” on the left, it may appear there. I’d appreciate! 😉

Your Little Advisor

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