Are you thinking of buying a laptop?

When buying an expensive consumer electronics device, the quality and reliability are very important factors. I’ve already mentioned before how important it is to read reviews prior the purchase.

But it’s not only reading the customers’ reviews that’s important, it’s also reading the consumer reports and professional reviews.

Here are several examples of where to look at, when you’re considering purchasing a laptop or netbook computer:

1. Laptop Reliability Review – provides some guidelines and statistics about the reliability of various brands, and some insights on why what’s cheap may actually become very expensive. Worth taking a look at the charts.

2. CNet Reviews – A lot of editorial reviews and ratings on various products, includes also search and price comparison features.

3. LaptopMag – Another reviews’ site, for various products, also has search and price comparison features. Less famous than CNet or PCMag, but still provides another insight.

4. PCMag – Online version of the PC Magazine, with a lot of products’ reviews and discussions.

5. NotebookReview – A dedicated site, all about notebooks, laptops, netbooks and the accessories. Price search and comparison is, of course, present, also easy navigation by brand or manufacturer.

When buying an expensive and fragile product, you need to get as much information as you can, so go on and read as many reviews as possible, from various different sources. Remember, you need to use your critical reading skills, as some of the reviews (customer or editorial) might be biased in one way or another.

Your Little Advisor.

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