Are you ready for the shopping season?

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and the Christmas soon to follow, this is the shopping season! That’s the time to look for deals, coupons, discounts and savings.

So, are you ready? If not – then here’s how to get ready quickly.

1. Decide what you need and what you want to buy. Avoid buying impulsively, use the discounts and sales to get the best prices for stuff you wanted to buy anyway. Buying stuff just because it’s cheap is a sure way to waste money.

2. Compare prices. Check what it costs now, before the discounts. How much it cost a month ago. Don’t trust the 50% savings sign at the store the day after thanksgiving, unless you can verify that the full price is the same as it was before the holidays. When you check – you may be surprised how many retailers raise the full price just before the holidays, so that the 50% discount from the full price at the day of the sale is actually 10% discount from the price they had a month ago. Is it worth to stay in a 5-hours line to enter the store at midnight for a 10% discount?

3. Find the deals before going out of the house. Don’t go to store to look for a deal, know about the deals at the store before arriving at the parking. Some stores advertise the deals ahead of time in stores or newspapers, others (like Wal-mart) just leak the deals to reporters. Having the info at hand will save you time, and allow you only going to the stores you know you’ll buy something from.

4. Don’t shop on Black Friday. Seriously. It’s a health hazard. Most of the real deals have limited quantities, and you’ll have to literally fight for them. They’re used to lure people into the store and create the adrenaline rush that will make you buy something else once the deal you wanted is no longer available. That something else will most likely not be a planned through purchase, and will not be a real “deal”. Alternative? Cyber Monday. We’ll talk about that.

Happy holidays and enjoy your shopping,

Your Little Advisor

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