Do you want to share?

Sharing is important. So if you feel you want to share some of the articles you found here on my site – I added a special feature for you.

Now you don’t need to send links, copy and paste text, or call your friends and tell them “type ‘’, quick, there’s a new article!”. Well, if you do call and say that then it’s flattering, but a bit weird.

Anyway, on any post page, you’ll find an “Email This” button, just bellow the twitter and facebook buttons. Clicking on it will pop up a form for you to fill so that your friends would know that it’s not a spam but a genuine message from you. Click “Post” when you’re done, and voila, your friends will be able to read the article directly from their email box.

Do invite them to search through the articles on the site though.

Of course, there are other options – the RSS feed, the Facebook page and the Tweeter updates are still there and up to date. Please do feel free to subscribe, like, follow, or just enjoy reading the blog!

Your Little Advisor

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