Improving the site!!!

So, several notes on the blog itself.

First, some additional improvements that I’ve made. I’ve already mentioned the ways to share the blog with your friends and relatives. Please, feel free to share:-)

Also, feel free to comment. By commenting you can let me know what is good, what is bad, and what is the ugly. I really want to know, that’s the only way for me to improve the blog, improve my writing, and find the topic that you readers find the most interesting. I’m writing into the open air, having my own personal Speakers’ Corner here, but I do want someone to actually find something useful here. So, please feel free to chime in and help:-)

Translations – I added the Google Translate widget, so any article can be (automatically…) translated to almost any language. Note though that since the translation is automatic, it may not be as perfect as you might expect. Speaking a couple of languages other than English myself, and with a little help from my friends, I was able to verify that the translations are relatively sound and the general idea can be understood. So, if you find someone who doesn’t read English quite well, but can make use of the info – do not hesitate to point them in the direction of this blog, and choose their native language on the Google Translate bar on the top of the site, or in the left side menu.

Sharing – in addition to what I already wrote before, a new Facebook button has been added that will take you directly to my Facebook page. So now you can easily follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. Feel free to do so.

Ads – I know that ads may be annoying and no-one likes them. But, I need to cover the costs of this site somehow. The cost are not too high, so I try to put the ads as less intrusive as possible, so that you’ll enjoy reading the site, and will only click the ads if you really want to. There are two ads areas: the right side frame, that appears on every page and under the post, above the comments section, on every single post page. That’s it, you can easily ignore them, and you will never click them by mistake.

Hope to hear from you,

Your Little Advisor.

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