Stores are for people who can’t shop online.

Seriously. Why go out there, fight for parking, stay in the lines, waste time and effort? What’s the benefit? Well, other than fitness… What can you find in the brick and mortar store that you cannot find on-line?

It appears that you can get better discounts and much more information when shopping on-line. Also, you will probably have much more items and variety to choose from. Sites like, Mr. Rebates, DealDigs, or RetailMeNot, and many others aggregate the deals and discounts for you. Mr. Rebates or also pays cash, sometimes as much as 10% of your purchase, back to you when you make a purchase when reaching the on-line store by clicking its link on Ebates. Cash, not worthless coupons or discounts on future purchases, cash back to your pocket! Can you get that in a store? Tell me, because I haven’t seen that anywhere yet.

What do you get by going to a store? You spend tons of time, gas (=cash), nerves and frustration if you haven’t found what you needed. If you shop online and can’t find what you need in one store – just click on the next link in the list and search again. Not in a California store? Check the site of a store in Maine, they’ll send it to you and you won’t even have to pay tax. Many mom-and-pop shops now sell on Amazon Marketplace or eBay, and some provide free shipping, others have shipping costs comparable to the costs of traveling to the closest outlet mall. You can find and compare items using the search engines of your choice, read reviews and compare features, all that in the comfort of your home, without salesperson nagging you and manipulating you to make the “right” choice.

Oh, and pollution. Drive less – get cleaner air to breathe in your area.

Just something to think of:-)

Happy Holidays,
Your Little Advisor.

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3 Responses to Stores are for people who can’t shop online.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Main reason to go shopping online – not having to listen to all the Christmas songs all the day… Jeez, poor people who work there… Probably have some brain damage by January….

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