They want to donate money. So why should I pay?

It’s not that I really have to pay anything if I want to participate in the Chrome for a Cause promotion. I just need to use their product. But if they really want to donate to charities, why do they need to count how many tabs I open? Why do they need me to use their product?

Companies often use these kinds of promotions. “Buy our product and send us back the lid, and we’ll donate some ridiculously low amount of money to some good cause…”, or “Use our product, and the more you use, the more pennies we’ll donate to some good cause…”, or anything else like this.

So why? Because they appeal to our sympathy to the cause, and through that make us use/buy/consume their products. The promotion is usually for a short time (in the case of Google mentioned before – just the next few days), usually the amount of money is not very big, but the benefit to the company is long-term and massive. If you start using Chrome because of this promotion, you probably will continue after it ends. If you start buying yogurts so that you could send cups back and help fighting breast cancer, you’ll probably continue consuming them after the promotion ends. And forget to mail the cups anyway.

And the companies can probably deduct the donations from their taxes. I’m guessing here, but it seems reasonable.

I think that’s wrong. If a corporation wants to donateĀ  – donate. Don’t make us hostages of your “good-will”. Don’t force us to consume your products so that you could put advertisements in a year saying “that’s how much we donated, kudos to us!”. You want to donate? Just donate. We’ll say thanks. We’ll like your brand, and we’ll probably start using it because we like corporations who give a damn. But we don’t like corporations who uses our giving a damn to make profit, and call it “charitable donations”.

That’s my opinion.

If you do use Chrome anyway, however, do sign up and open some tabs, and make Google donate some significant amounts to some noble causes. They can afford that.

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2 Responses to They want to donate money. So why should I pay?

  1. Robert says:

    The only reason I’m participating in this at all is because I just so happen to be a Google Chrome user already, and I figured, why not donate to a worthy cause with all the web browsing I’d be doing anyways.

    Another thing: Companies exist to make money….so donations are usually either tied to some sort of scheme to get you to use their products, such as this one, or to gain goodwill, which in turn, makes people feel all good and happy about the company and see it in a positive light which attracts more customers willing to support such a “big-hearted” company.

  2. I completely disagree with you on this issue. I use chrome, and putting an extension for 4 days won’t make a difference. They just want to involve the users in this entire donation process.

    First of all, they are not charging anything for this. I am against those kind of corporate donations, in which you have to buy $50 product so they donate 50 cents to charity on each purchase.

    Secondly, I doubt that any Firefox or IE user will shift to chrome just for thing. So eliminate the possibility of promotion also.

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