What to do with the old books?

As the semester ends, many students are trying to get rid of the old books and equipment that they don’t need.

I’ve already described once several ways to sell your junk. Well, apparently I hadn’t covered all of it.

So, other than eBay, Craigslist and Amazon marketplace, what else can there be?

Lets add some more items to the “places to get rid of the unwanted stuff” list.

Especially for those students who are trying to get rid of the old books. School books are a big problem – they get revised very frequently, and once the new edition is out, the old edition becomes worthless. So how to get rid of the books?

1. Half.com – an eBay company that targets this particular market. You can post your unwanted books there using your eBay account. The sales are not done through the eBay-style auction, but rather a fixed price that you set yourself. Your listing will appear with all the other listings the same title, and the buyers will choose which seller they want to buy from – based on the price, condition, and location (the closer you are to your buyer the sooner your buyer will get the book). The shipping is done through the USPS media mail, which is much cheaper than any other option. You can print your shipping label on-line and just leave the package for the postman to pick up.

For buyers (and most student sellers are also buyers, for the next semester), make sure to use Mr. Rebates or Ebates.com for buying, and get another 4-8% cash-back.

2. Trade In – many bookstores allow bringing the old books back as a trade-in. Some give credits towards future purchases (like Amazon Trade-In), others just give cash (check your local book stores). A pros pos Amazon Trade-In – these guys provide free shipping label to send the stuff back to them (you can trade in textbooks, games, movies and TV shows), and accept some of the things you may not be able to sell elsewhere. Always worth checking as the last resort.

3. Give away – Some books are hard to sell, but some can not afford buying, either. Publish your unsold books on a bulletin list (Craigslist, or some other) as a give-away, maybe some one will want to pick it up.

4. Donate. Yes, donate. Books should never be thrown away, that’s my opinion. If you can’t sell a book (or don’t want to deal with selling it), don’t throw it away. Donate it to a school in your neighborhood, school library, county jail, homeless shelter, anywhere else. Here’s a list of suggestions.

5. Recycle – can’t sell? No one wants it for free? Don’t want to keep it, and want to get rid of it anyway? Put it in the blue recycle bin. It will become a cardboard box, an advertisement flayer, a grocery store paper bag, or something else useful. Even a completely unwanted and irrelevant book has a long way to go before it finds itself in the landfill.

Enjoy your winter break!

Your Little Advisor.

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