Christmas shopping tips!

Merry Xmas everyone! And Happy New Year too! I know that some of you may not care or celebrate Christmas, and rather spend some quality time with friends and family in a Chinese restaurant. But no-one misses on the holiday’s shopping, right? Right! So, how to get the best out of it?

Here are some tips I gathered for you, some from my personal experience, others from what I learned from others…

1. As I’ve mentioned already, know what you want and how much you should pay for it.

2. Malls are for lamers. That said, there are some benefits in malls too, especially if you’re “free-styling”, and not buying something specific. It is a good recipe for some money waste, but on the other hand, in malls and stores it so much easier to go through the bargains shelves than on-line. And there are tons of bargains now!

3. Bargains. There are everywhere. Now is the time to look for them. Prices are marked down, coupons are given out, stores are trying to get rid of as much as possible before the magical December 25th. In every store they have a bargains section, where you can find some real gems with some very attractive prices. May be worth spending the time going through the section.

4. The week between Christmas and the New Year’s Day. Returns start on December 26th. People return their unwanted gifts, exchange sizes, color, styles, and whatever. During this period, usually the week between December 26th and January 1st, stores have additional sales and bargain opportunities. The point is that the stores don’t want the returned merchandise to stay with them, and want to get rid of it as much as possible. Thus, someones unwanted gift may become your purchase of the year.

5. Coupons. I always remind you about checking for coupons, rebates and discount codes, and now is not an exception. There are tons and tons of coupons and discounts at almost any store. You can use services like, Mr. Rebates (which, by the way, give now $5 when you register and make the first purchase with them), or you can just search on-line for coupons for the store you’re going to. Also, check out this article I wrote a while ago. As with the unwanted gifts, unwanted gift cards may become some one else’s savings. Check it out.

Enjoy your shopping, and happy holidays!

Your Little Advisor

PS: Just for fun

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