Donations – end of the year is the perfect timing!

The year comes to the end, and you might have something left out of that yearly family budget of yours. Well, usually I’m writing about ways to save money, but today is something different. How to spend money.

I would assume that by this time you’ve finished all your holiday season shopping and gift giving to all your friends and relatives.

How about a little gift to the world?

The Wikimedia Foundation (the home of Wikipedia) is raising money, and you’re more than welcome to donate. I refer to Wikipedia from time to time in my posts, and generally see it as a marvelous source of information. True, it may not always be the most reliable one, and not always the information is precise and up to date, but mostly it is. Usually Wikipedia articles are written really well, in a language everyone can understand, and if there’s a mistake – you can always correct it. Well, almost always, some more sensitive topics are protected against abuse.

So, yes, I encourage you all to donate a bit for a good cause – bringing knowledge and information to all. We don’t want the Wikipedia to become a corporate money milking machine, do we?

Your Little Advisor.

PS: You can deduct the donations to the Wikimedia foundation on your tax returns, so check with your tax person for details if you’re interested in saving something for yourself while giving even more for others!

PPS: Wikimedia Foundation is just one example of many many organizations worth donating for. Please suggest more in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Donations – end of the year is the perfect timing!

  1. raj says:

    how much did you chip in?

    • I believe that everyone should contribute as much as they can, but bragging with donations is never a good idea. I did chip in, though, rest assured, and I donate to Wikipedia every year. I think that since I use the site, I should donate as much as I can to keep it running.

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