Verizon starts selling the iPhone!

It’s out there! Verizon starts selling the iPhone! Now what? Well, I wouldn’t rush to the store just yet.

The phones will be available starting of February 10th.

These are the same old phones we already have available from AT&T and other providers around the world. Verizon starts with iPhone 4 (yes, that one with the antenna problem, although it might have been solved because the antenna had to be redesigned to support the CDMA technology), so there’s nothing new and exciting there.

Also, Verizon uses CDMA technology, whereas most providers outside of the US use GSM technology. This makes roaming abroad problematic, more expensive, and in many places impossible. The Verizon iPhone doesn’t support GSM. Oh, CDMA network also means that the data and voice cannot be used concurrently. So no, surfing the net while talking will probably not be available just yet.

According to the Engadget review, this is not the new 4th generation LTE phone, so it is still the good old Verizon 3G network. The good news though is that it can operate as a hot-spot, bridging up to 5 other devices to the 3G network (the AT&T device can do that for a fee, the competing Android devices have it as a standard feature for quite some time).

The phone prices are the same as with AT&T ($199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB models), with a plan commitment of course. I couldn’t find the actual plan pricing just yet, but I presume it won’t differ much from that of AT&T as well.

So is it worth the switch to Verizon?

I say – not really. But, those who are already Verizon customers and who were jealous of the AT&T folks, can now have their own toy.

Your Little Advisor

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