These companies are giving you money:

So here’s a partial list of companies that are willing to pay you. It includes, among others, companies like AT&T, Google, ING Direct, CapitalOne, and more.

So, who and why will pay you? Let’s take a look…

For Talkers:

AT&T will pay it’s clients $10 for enrolling in the paperless billing or auto-pay. They of course will save much more. If you have a 2-years contract, for example, they’ll save almost $10 just on postage, not to mention the paper, handing, etc.

For Shoppers:

Mr. Rebates gives you $5 for signing up. This is just the beginning, if you buy a lot online, you’ll be saving tens and hundreds of $$$ a year. Check it out here.

Ebates, a similar site, gives you $5 as well. Buy signing up for both, you can compare the cashback and rebates each of them offer, and always choose the best for you. Check this one out.

Google will pay $5, $10 or $20 to buyers at certain stores who use Google Checkout service. For the full list of stores and discounts – check out here. Examples include $5 off of $30 purchase at TigerDirect, $10 off of $100 at Nautica, $5 off of $30 at PETCO, and many more.

For Investors:

ING Direct will give you $50 if you open an on-line checking account and use the debit card at least 3 times in the first 45 days. Additional $33 will be given after first two direct deposits of $250 or more each (by March 31st). Check the full details here. Remember – there are no fees, and at least 0.25% APR interest (can get up to 1.3%, depends on the balance)!

ING Direct ShareBuilder will pay you $100 for transferring an investment account from a different brokerage firm. Details here.

CapitalOne will give you additional 10% bonus over the interest earned in their new InterestPlus Online Savings account (1.3% APR before the bonus, that’s 1.43 total APR, the best I know of as of now). You have to maintain $1000 in the account or have their credit card. Details here.

CapitalOne will also give $20 to the Costco members opening the InterestPlus Online Savings account (in addition to the bonus). If you’re an Executive Costco member, then you can get even more – $60. Details are here.

The Lending Club gives $100 to new investors who invest $2500 in the club. The money is yours once invested. Details are here (no direct link for this deal, sorry). Note, that I’m very cautious about this type of investments though. The high returns come with a high risk. I’m currently evaluating the Lending Club myself, and will post an article on it later on. It may however be useful if you actually need a loan, in this case the rates provided are much better than the credit card rates. The bonus is also for new borrowers, not just investors.

That’s it for now,

Your Little Advisor

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