Is Honda afraid of the Hyundai success?

There’s a video at the end of this post. It is a Honda commercial. No, I’m not trying to promote Honda. What I am trying to do is to show how ridiculous the attitude in this commercial is, and how instead of promoting Honda – it might just harm the brand.

The video is of a commercial calledĀ  “What do mechanics love / hate?”. What Hyundai has got to do with it?

Look carefully. Right at the beginning of the clip, you can see the “bad” cars. The broken ones. Those that the mechanics love. Why do they love them? Because they break, and mechanics can earn money by fixing them. Such a cliche… And which cars do you see there? Can you recognize? I can. I think these areĀ  Hyundai Accent (at 0:03) and Hyundai Elantra (at 0:05).

Why these models and this maker? That’s an easy question to answer. Hyundai was the only auto maker in the US to gain sales in 2009. They also were getting a huge part of the auto sales rebound in 2010. On whose account you ask? Honda. Civic and Elantra compete head to head (to head, with Corolla, but Toyota were wasted in 2010 and still are due to their safety issues), and it seems to me that Honda is afraid that it is losing the battle.

Is there any truth in this commercial? Not really. That’s why the competitor’s name or logo never appear, and any suggestions that the Hyundai cars are somewhat faulty are very implicit. They didn’t really say in the commercial that Hyundai cars are of low quality. They didn’t even mention Hyundai, just showed a couple of cars, each got a second of screen time. Some people might not even recognize them.

But some people, those who look carefully and are thinking of buying a car, might notice. May get an impression. Get the message. Wrong message, wrong impression, as I am sure Honda officials would say if asked. The same impression that I got – that Honda thinks Hyudai cars are bad.

Except that they’re not. They’re good, of a high quality, and for the same price, come with a lot more extras than Honda’s Civic. I know, I bought an Elantra a couple of years ago, and I didn’t buy Civic for a reason.

After this commercial, I will not consider Honda at all, when shopping for my next car. If someone wants to sell me something – tell my why I should buy your product, don’t trash the competition. And if you do trash – at least provide facts. Don’t imply lies.

What is my point in this post? Critical viewing. Critical reading. When people are trying to sell you something, don’t believe a word they’re saying. Or showing. Check your facts. Best mileage in class? Look for the small letters describing the class as “this car and all the 8-axle trailers”. Best results in crash tests? Look for the crash tests provider, and what are the cars used for comparison. 0% APR? You’ll pay for it with a higher price and dealer charges. They describe some other brand as inferior? Check reviews by independent writers, it might be exactly the opposite.

Look for what the commercials and sales persons are not saying.

Note: I don’t know what it was that Honda were trying to say in this commercial, and what their real intentions were. What I say in this post is my personal opinion. This is what I understood from the commercial. I might have understood wrong. In this case I apologize, and kindly ask Honda to let their copywriters go, they’ve done a very bad job.

Your Little Advisor.

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