If you like books – you’d better hurry up!

Borders are closing. At least that’s the rumor. Personally I think it’s sad, but that’s what the technology does to us. And the books. Books have been with us for more than 650 years, now it’s time for the eBooks to take the place.

So, sad as it is, what good can we get from this?

First, it has been published that Borders are going to close more than 200 stores. What it means is that there will be sales, discounts and bargains in all these stores that are closing (and I do sympathize with the employees who are going to loose their jobs!), and all you book-lovers should get ready for the hunt.

Second, the stores that are not closing will probably get some more “bargain” inventory from the closed stores, all the leftovers. Though leftovers, I find some of the bargains in Borders quite interesting, and bough several books for less than 10% of their price tag value.

Third, it means that the eBooks are gaining momentum. Like the video stores that disappeared with the appearance of the DVD, and the DVD stores that disappeared under the pressure of the on-line streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, the same process is going on with the printed material.

News have moved on-line quite some time ago. They still have the paper editions, but they’re struggling, and some newspapers are closing, because they’re loosing subscribers and advertisers. Who wants to pay for an ad in the weekend paper, if they can publish it for free on-line, and sell/rent/find/whatever the stuff they need before the paper even goes to press? Who needs the newspaper if all the news are there on-line, much faster, fresher, and in more variety of opinions?

Now it’s the time for the books. Brick-and-mortar shops are for those who can’t shop on-line, after all. For those who can – there’s Amazon.

So, sad as it is, make the best out of it,

Your Little Advisor.

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