(Re)Build your credit faster, without additional costs

Good news everyone! Especially those of you with poor or no credit!

Rent payments are now included on the credit report!

What’s the deal? Well, the deal is that Experian allows reporting rent payments as credit payments.

What does it mean? It means that you don’t have to work hard and pay enormous fees to build up your credit. You don’t have to take those credit cards with $200 credit limit, of which you immediately have to pay $199 initiation/issuing/printing the plastic/whatever else they put in there fees.

No more. From now own, paying rent on time can be reported by your landlord, and used by creditors to decide whether you can pay your rent on time. Or any other loan. Without any additional effort, or paying ridiculous charges.

Talk to your landlord, ask him/her to report your data to Experian, and watch your credit score rise.

Good Luck,

Your Little Advisor

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