Another credit card scam spreading around

I’ve just received a call with an automated message that my Mastercard credit card had been blocked.

How do I know that this is a scam, and what should you do if you get such a call as well? Well, here it is:

1. The message said “your Mastercard account had been blocked”. This means that the caller doesn’t know what bank has issued my card. They’re counting on the wide spread of the Mastercard cards, and assume that out of all their targets, many do indeed have Mastercard cards and will swallow the bait. Your bank will identify your card in such a message, even if it is automatic.

2. The message was not addressed to me. Your bank will put your name in the message.

3. No transaction was reported. If your bank blocks your account because of a fraud, the transaction will be mentioned, and you’ll be given a chance to authorize it.

4. I was offered to press “1” to transfer to a representative. Never talk about your financial/private information with unidentified callers. If you need to discuss with a person – call the number on your card.

Be safe,

Your Little Advisor

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