Improving your online security – Facebook

I already mentioned Facebook once with regards to the personal online security treats. Facebook is a fertile ground for all kinds of scamers.

But the latest change they’ve introduced may help you protect yourselves a little.

So what’s the change? Secured HTTP server. From now on, not only can you access your Facebook profile by typing “”, but also by ““.

What’s the difference between the plain old HTTP and the new HTTPS? The S. It stands for Security.

The HTTPS protocol secures the information that flows from your computer to the Facebook servers and back in such way that no one can wiretap to it. It means that someone sniffing the wireless network you’re on, or your employer, cannot see what it is that you post on your friends’ walls, or send in messages, or whom you poke. It’s secured.

You can still be a victim of a phishing fraud, but at least no one will wiretap onĀ  your Facebook posts any more.

Note, that when you use the HTTPS addresses, you can verify through your browser that the site you’re on is the site you wanted to be on. Do that by clicking the “lock” icon on your browser’s status bar. Click on the lock to see the security information.

Be safe,

Your Little Advisor

Fertile ground

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