Help Japan!

As you all probably know by now, a massive earth quake, the highest magnitude measured so far (9 on the Richter scale), hit Japan on March 11th.

After the earthquake, came the Tsunami, which swept over tens of towns and left hundreds of thousands of the earthquake survivors homeless.

Total death toll is more than 7000, and still rising, with additional 10000 missing.

However, despite the magnitude of the disaster, the amount of donations given to the Japanese so far is 5 times less than what’s been donated during the Haiti disaster a year ago. The amount of people affected by the Japanese quake is 3-4 times more.

Japanese need help with coping with the disaster. Please help.

For resources on how and where to donate, please visit these sites:

Google Resources – You can donate directly on the page using the Google Checkout.

Japanese Red Cross Society

Find your local Red Cross charter on the American Red Cross site

Yahoo’s list of organizations participating in the effort

Similar list compiled by CNN

You can also donate with Google Checkout, Paypal or Amazon Payments systems. The links will lead you directly to the donation pages.

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