IRS imposters are trying to steal your identity

In the midst of the tax season, there’s another scam going on. If you receive an email saying something like “This is in reference to your 2010 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return”, be sure: it’s a scam.

The email body includes the following paragraph (maybe in variants):

“If for any reason you have not yet filed for your 2010  Individual Income Tax Return please print out the attached PDF form, fill it and fax it to the IRS data center on (866) 513-7982 within 24 hours.”

The attached form looks like an official IRS form, but it is fake, there’s no such form. The form number of the attached form is 1040, which is the standard tax return form. The form itself is different however, and you can verify that by comparing it to the official IRS form 1040 here.

IRS will never initiate a communication with you through email (or phone, for that matter). IRS will always initiate communication through a letter delivered to you by US Postal Service in an official envelope.

Never ever fax your personal information, email it or give it out during a phone call, without verifying the destination. If someone calls you and claims he’s from the IRS – tell him you’ll call back, and the only number to call back should  be one of the numbers listed here.

Be safe, and take care

Your Little Advisor

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