A new PC virus is spreading – MS Removal Tool

A new computer virus is spreading around. The virus targets Microsoft Windows systems, and presents itself as a “MS Removal Tool“.

When you’re infected, your computer will behave differently than usual: Your desktop wallpaper will disappear, your antivirus will become disabled, and you will be getting pop-up messages saying your PC is infected, or a scan is required. The pop-up messages are labeled as “MS Removal Tool“, and appear to be a legit Microsoft program. It’s not.

The Microsoft tool is called “Malware Removal Tool“. As you can see, the name of the virus was chosen to be confusing. If you click on the pop-up you’ll be shown statistics about your PC virus infections, which are of course false. You’ll be offered a chance to remove the infections – for fee. Once you pay the fee all the “infections” that you didn’t have will miraculously disappear, until the next time the virus kicks in.

Don’t fall for that, don’t pay anything based on unfamiliar pop-ups appearing on your screen, and don’t trust “scan results” from a program you don’t remember installing.

If you do see these pop-ups and think your computer is infected – follow these easy steps to remove the threat:

How to Remove MS Removal Tool Uninstall Guide.

Your Little Advisor

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