Summer is approaching – how to travel safely

Well, the Tax Season is almost behind us, and the vacation season is approaching. With those refunds you’ll be getting (wink wink), you’ll probably want to take some time off and enjoy yourself in a nice oceanfront hotel in Hawaii or Miami. Well, can’t blame you.

But just before you board that airplane, a couple of things to remember.

When you get ready to travel, you’ll have to make sure you’ve got some identification on you. Either a driver license, or a passport, or some other government-issued ID. Why?

No reason, really. In the US there’s no law requiring a US citizen to carry an ID. If you’re an alien (resident, permanent resident or a visitor) – then you must carry your passport or green card with you. So what happens if you don’t show your ID? Well… It’s your right, but you better be ready to defend it in court, as did Phil Mocek. He got acquitted of course, but ask yourselves if you want that much trouble instead of just flashing your driver’s license.

You also don’t have to go through that TSA x-ray machine that allows the screeners to basically strip you naked without taking your clothes off. But you must be prepared for the manual “pat-down” search treatment that you’ll get instead. Want to feel a prisoner for a day? Well, here’s your chance.

For more information about your rights at the airport – check here.

Once in the airplane, make sure that the area around you is decently clean, and wash your hands thoroughly before eating anything. Why? You never know what surrounds you! Planes are generally not cleaned very well, and have plenty of germs all around.

And, of course, make sure to keep your seat-belt on at all times. you don’t want to be thrown all around the airplane when $#!+ like this happens!

But, generally, $#!+ happens to others, chances are slim, so kick back and enjoy!

Your Little Advisor

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