Content copyright violations

For all my readers, I’m asking for your assistance.  It appears that my blog has become so popular, that content farms started copying my articles and embedding them in their pages.

Well, I know that my blog is not really so popular, at least not yet, but those of you who do regularly visit (and I thank you for that), please take a note: if you see an article signed as “Your Little Advisor” anywhere other than this site without explicitly mentioning the source – please let me know.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows me to request Google and other search engines to remove such pages from the search results. If the domain is registered or hosted anywhere in the US – the DMCA allows me requesting the host company or the domain registrar to remove the violating page itself. But I need to know about that.

So, if you stumble across my signature anywhere in the World Wide Web – please use the comments section, or the “Contact Me” page, and leave the url of the offending page for me to follow up. I’ll be forever grateful!

Your Little Advisor

PS: So far I’ve enforced my rights on two offending sites that I’ve found. I’m sure there are more. Content stealing is essentially a theft as any other.  Data farms are effectively killing the independent blogosphere by doing so. Give a hand in protecting our common interests.

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