Groupon beware, Facebook is behind you!

As the social shopping gains momentum with Groupon being the dominant player, here comes THE social network, Facebook, and steps in!

So, how does it look? Should Groupon be worried and feel sorry for declining the generous Google purchase offer?

Well, for now Facebook only offers deals in 5 metropolitan areas: San Diego and San Francisco in California, Atlanta, Georgia, and Austin and Dallas in Texas.

So what are the people in these fine cities getting?

Well, according to Facebook, not only the marketing, but the deals themselves are “social”. In the interview given to, they say “All of these deals are things you want to do with friends, so no teeth whitening, but yes to river rafting.”

So no, Groupon shouldn’t yet be worried. Many people look for deals and savings that are saving them money, not making it easier to waste it. Like half-price on an oil change. Are you going to do that with all your friends? Doubt it.

Also, not all offers on Facebook are actual discounts. In fact, it will be used to bring to you offers that you otherwise might “miss” (read: not waste your money on). Basically¬† that gives a chance for the Facebook model to become yet another spam channel into your life. Especially with proposed bonuses to those who make their friends purchase a deal.

Still Facebook offers are worth looking at for the time being, even if you’re not going to unsubscribe from the Groupon mailing list. Do make sure you know how to get rid of the Facebook offers once you started getting them, if they indeed turn out to be more spam than deals.

Enjoy your shopping and savings,

Your Little Advisor.

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