Beware of the Rapture!

It’s supposed to be this very weekend! According to an Oakland, CA radio station “Family Radio”, the end of the world is supposed to happen this weekend. At least for Christians.

Being agnostic myself, I’ll use this opportunity to remind you: do not believe everything you hear on the radio. Especially if you’re reading this on Sunday, May 22nd.

This is true for everything, not just biblical interpretations. It is true for commercials, endorsements, product placements, and political agenda.

Use your own mind for some critical thinking, get some “second”, different, opinions, and think for yourself what’s right.

Take, for example, Fox News. One day they say Newt Gingrich is a great Republican, the next day he’s public enemy #1. Why? Because he spoke out what’s on his mind. Had his own opinion. Apparently sometimes it can kill a career. So when were they lying, on Fox News? When they praised Newt, or when they cursed him? Up to you to decide, up to you to find the information as to why people say what they say, and it is up to you not to be a part of the flock.

For us as consumers it is important, for us as citizens it’s event more important, and for us as human beings – it’s what makes us different from any other animals in the zoo called Planet Earth.

Just a thought.

Oh, and as to the end of the world… You should be nice to people all the time, not because you’re afraid of some mythical creature to “judge” you. When you die – you die and rot and there’s nothing but memories remain of you. It’s upĀ  to you to make the memories of you be good. That’s your heaven.

Your Little Advisor.

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