So many questions – and now: a place for answers!

Everyone has probably experienced that. You’ve got a question, and know no-one who could answer that. You searched all around the Internet, and only found some sponsored posts or commercials, nothing objective or personal.

Well, that’s going to change soon.

Every programmer knows probably the “StackOverflow” web site. This is a questions-and-answers style website created by Joel Spolsky (yes, the one from “Joel on Software“) and Jeff Atwood.

Now, based on the same idea, interface and engine, there’s a whole family of sites, called “Stack Exchange“.

One of the websites on the exchange is Personal Finances and Money“. On this particular site you can ask questions with regards to consumer issues, personal finances, financial education, taxes, investment terms et cetera et cetera.

The responses are given by others like you (and you can answer questions asked by others, if you think you know the answer). The idea is that everyone has a “reputation” on the site, and everyone can “upvote” or “downvote” answers given by others. The more your answers are upvoted, the higher your reputation is. People with  higher reputation usually give more educated, correct and unbiased responses, and when you get answers to your questions, the reputation of the responder will help you evaluating the answer. The higher reputation is – the more reputable the responder is. The more votes are given to the answer – the higher are the chances it is the most precise.

In the end, you will need to accept the answer that seems most close to the point to you, and that also adds to responders’ reputation. The more answers of that responder were accepted in the past – the more chances are that he knows what he’s talking about.

In this way everyone grades everyone, and the community as a whole points towards the people who are more helpful and more knowledgeable.

The Personal Finances and Money is still in beta stage, and needs more users. But it has already got a solid base of users who will be answering any of your questions, myself included.

So if you have any question – don’t hesitate to ask!

Your Little Advisor

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  1. Chris W. Rea says:

    Thank you for posting about 🙂

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