American Express – Excellent Customer Service!

Credit must be given where credit is due, and I want to give the credit to the American Express Customer Service.

They do consistently provide excellent customer service, but recently they’ve exceeded even my high expectations.

So here’s the story:

There are several positive things I want to mention about the AmEx customer service:

1. Their web site us superb and any other on-line access site for a bank or credit card that I have pales in comparison (and that includes, surprisingly, the American Express Bank FSB site as well).

2. The access to the customer support through email is excellent and the responses are fast.

3. The dispute process and dispute resolution are excellent, I’ve used them twice already, and on both occasions the process was very smooth and they communicated very quickly the merchants response (or non-responsiveness).

4. They raised my credit limit several times already, increasing it by more than 100% in the last 3-4 years, without me asking, which is nice (to my credit/debit ratio on the credit report, especially, as I don’t really need the additional credit).

5. Their complimentary warranty extension have saved me a couple of hundreds of dollars when my laptop’s hard drive died a couple of weeks after the manufacturer’s warranty ended. The claim process was very easy to do online, and the response and refund (directly to my Amex account) was very fast.

But in the latest incident, as I said before, they’ve exceeded even my high expectation. What happened is this:

There’s a promotion going on for the American Express Blue Cash Everyday cardmembers. These cardmembers are invited to refer additional members, and get $25 on each successful referral.

I don’t have a Blue Cash Everyday card, what I have is a Blue Cash Basic card. I didn’t even know that “Everyday” type even existed. The difference is in the cash-back formula.
Anyway, I saw a banner when logged in to my on-line account about the $25 referrals, and since it appeared on my personal on-line account – I assumed I’m eligible, and clicked it. It opened an error page stating HTTP Error 404 and some program error code.

As a programmer – I know that this is an obvious bug in the program running the website. A page visible to the user should never result in an HTTP error, or even worse – a program internal error code.

So I contacted the customer support describing the situation, and the response I got, other than apologies for the inconvenience and explanation why I’m not eligible for the promotion, was this: I got $25 credit, because, as the AmEx explained, I was offered a bonus I was not able to get because of their error (which was offering me the bonus I’m not eligible to!).

So thank you for the bonus, and of course apology is accepted. This is certainly the way to treat loyal customers (I’m an Amex member for more than 10 years by now).

And if you’re wondering, it appears that the bug has indeed been fixed, I didn’t see the wrong banner since.

So kudos to American Express,

Your Little Advisor.

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2 Responses to American Express – Excellent Customer Service!

  1. JJ says:

    You mist certainly work for them. There is no more useless bunch of people on the face of the earth than Amex Customer Service.

  2. Dear JJ, feel free to share your experience. I don’t work for Amex, but sometimes you got to give credit when satisfied, not just complain.

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