Microsoft improves it’s Bing service, and provides rewards

In case you haven’t noticed, Microsoft is working hard on its search engine, the Bing.

Other than some healthy competition to Google, it provides us with opportunities for rewards.

How does it work? Quite simple.

You sign up for free using your “Live” ID (the same you use for the Hotmail service and the Live Messenger). No additional information is required at sign-up, and you even get 250 credits for signing up. You can redeem the credits for gift cards and merchandise at the redemption center, and the shipping is for free.

How to earn more credits? Well, Microsoft are a bit fuzzy on this. Basically, you’re expected to use the Bing search engine as much as possible (thus encouraging you to switch from the competitors). You’re expected to install the Bing toolbar and use the new Bing features.

The bottom line is that you give up your search privacy (you have to agree to have the history of your searches tracked to get the rewards) to get the bonus, but if you’re ok with that (and in fact many people are, as the data collected is anonymous), then it’s worth the try.

The program runs until the end of September 2011.

What can you do with your credits? The initial 250 credits are enough for 1 free ringtone. For a $10 Starbucks card you’ll have to accumulate 1338 credits. Is it worth much? For you to decide.

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