Yet another failure from Google…. Are they more and more evil?

Google decided to effectively kill Google+. Why? Don’t know. Probably can’t keep up with Facebook. Not that I’m sorry about it, it’s another product designed to get all the info from us giving nothing but a waste of time in return.

So how are they killing it? By announcing out loud that we’re not entitled to making a decision about our own on-line alias.

In the Google+ policy they require you to use your full name, and only the name. If you’re a doctor – you can’t add “MD” or “DR” to the name. So what if that’s what it says on your business card and that’s how you want to be addressed? Who are you to tell Google how to call you? You’re no-one. They need to match your name with all the rest of the information they’ve got on you, and they won’t let you stand on their way!

What will they do to the violators? Boot them. No more “Little Advisor” profiles. No more telling your children not to disclose personal information with strangers on-line. No more using pseudonyms. Whoopi Goldberg will have to use “Caryn Elaine Johnson” for her account. Jon Stewart won’t exist there, and who the hell is Christopher Julius Rock?

So no, no Little Advisor on Google+, I’m not opening an account there, and suggest you shouldn’t either. I want to have at least the ability to tell people how to call me. Google have already taken my privacy, please at least leave me that, don’t be so evil.

Your Little Advisor.

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