AT&T NOT Merging with T-Mobile – Good News!

I wrote about the AT&T and T-Mobile merger back in March, and expressed my strong opposition to such a move.

Well, apparently the voice of those who care for the customers have been heard.

The United States Department of Justice moved to block the deal, stating that it would create a monopoly and will harm consumers. You can read here about the meaning of the DOJ decision, but here’s the bottom line: the days of jungle rules in the economy are over.

It is obvious that the Obama Administration tries to strengthen the average consumer. The DOJ move against the AT&T-T-Mobile merger is just the latest move in a long list of decisions and laws passed by the current Administration. In the mean time, the opposition is busy with reducing the FEMA budget and then complaining about it.

Enjoy your non-monopolized phone service, America.

Your Little Advisor.

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