Is it that time of the year again?

While the Thanksgiving with its Black Friday is still 2 months away, it appears that the deals’ hunting season is on!

We’re just past the “back to school” events, next is the clothing and gardening. Right around the corner is the electronics and entertainment.

iPhone 5 is expected to be out in the beginning of October. That will trigger a drop in prices for the previous models (especially the 3GS which already is being sold for almost half its original price), and releases of the competitors’ models which will lead to price decreases on their respective older models as well. So, stay tuned for sales and promotions on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and various Android phones (HTC, LG, Samsung and of course – Motorolla, aka Google).

New wave of the consumer electrics is expected closer to the winter holidays. TiVo will be rolling out new products (may be the long-awaited DirecTiVo?), a new Amazon Kindle is in the works, Intel is known to release its new lines of processors in January, which will usually lead to promotions on the previous generations of laptops and desktops during the winter, and many more.

There are also the usual holidays’ promotions, magnified by the bad economy and attempts by the retailers to get as much business as possible.

Get ready!

Your Little Advisor

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