Can we, the people, influence the government?

Many people are complaining that “government is evil”.
But what is government? How can you influence the government, that influences you so much?

In the American voting system, the majority of the voters get the full representation, while the minority remains unrepresented. This is not really a democracy, but here, in the US, that’s how the system works. In a personal elections, if you don’t feel that the winning candidate represents you – you have no representation. The losing candidate loses, and goes away.

In many countries the system works differently: the voters don’t vote for a single candidate in personal district-based elections, but they rather vote for a party, which presents a whole list of candidates, and represent the ideas and policy suggestions that the voters feel represent them best.

This is called “proportional representation”, and allows almost everyone, aside the people holding the most marginal opinions, being represented in the government.

The American system has its pluses and minuses, as the proportional representation does.

So how can you make your opinion count, even if the winning candidate from your district doesn’t represent you?

Well, here’s this:

We, The People. The White House created a system on its website, that allows anyone file a petition with the President.

How? Simple. Sign up, fill the form (which doesn’t require any special info, just an email has to be validated), and here you are – writing a petition to the President.

The petitions are public, and anyone can add their signature to any of the petitions.

The petitions have to pass a certain support threshold within a certain period of time (currently – 5000 supporters within 30 days), and if they pass – the Administration will look into the matter, and will deliver it to the policy makers at the White House. Since the petitions are public and always published on-line, you can see the supporters’ base of your petition grow, and you can expect responses and actions from the Administration, if enough supporters signed their names under your petition.

Here are some of the petitions currently looking for supporters (and which I endorse):

Civil rights issues:

Appoint an Advisor on LGBT Youth Issues, because LGBT youth is the most bullied and haunted at schools. We’ve all seen the news about Tyler Clementi. Lets do something about it.

End discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, because gay bashing is a hate crime, but discriminating gays at work is perfectly fine.

Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, because the Federal Government has no business telling us who can or cannot get married. Each state should decide for themselves, just as with any other similar issue.

Free Market and Economy:

Complete the U.S. Transition to the Modern Metric System, because its about time.

Cut Congressional and stuff pay and benefits before asking average Americans to take massive cuts in services, because if they cut our salary – we should be able to cut theirs.

Support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bill to fix Social Security by removing the cap on income subject to the SS tax, because its not a Ponzi scheme, its our safety net.

Restore corporate tax codes, end loopholes, repeal corporate personhood, and tie profits to domestic job creation, because GE didn’t pay a penny of taxes last year, while we pay 20-40%. They earn billions.


Propose legislation that would make all federal election days national holidays to increase voter turnout, because otherwise the marginals like the Tea Party will rule and the silent (and sane) majority will be busy working instead of voting.

Give States the Freedom to Establish Their Own Marijuana Laws, because the Federal Government has no business telling California cancer patients that they have to be in pain when the people of California has spoken.

Restore democracy by ending corporate personhood, because corporations are not people.

And of course there are many more, some which I completely disagree with, but you might like. Take a look at the whole list here.

The frequently asked questions can be seen here.

Enjoy exercising your First Amendment Rights!

Your Little Advisor

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