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Banks – Beware. Bank Transfer Day coming up!

11.5.11 – get rid of the ridiculous $5 fee for using your debit card. Move your account to a credit union or a bank that respects its clients. Continue reading

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How would Warren Buffet fix the deficit problem?

Buffet, a famous investor and businessman, has a great idea to solve the deficit problem – punish the Congressmen that created it. Continue reading

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More bad news for Wells Fargo

They sent account statements to the wrong people. They claim it was a “printer error”. But why not using on-line statements, eliminating the danger altogether? Continue reading

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Getting $50 for something you’re going to do anyway. Thanks, ING Direct!

ING Direct offer $50 for new checking customers. Free checking customers. With no fees. They give you $50. Wouldn’t you take it? Read inside how. Continue reading

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Not impressed with the iPhone.

iPhone 4S announcement came probably just in time for Steve Jobs to see it, but I’m not sure he would go with it had he been able to present it himself. Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Bank is going out of business.

Wells Fargo is going out of MY business. I’m not going to pay $15 for something I’m getting for free. Are you? Continue reading

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