Wells Fargo Bank is going out of business.

Out of my business.

I’ve received an email that my checking account fee will be waived if I have 3 additional linked account and either a linked mortgage or a 7500 balance. How much the fee? $15 a month. Well, it won’t be the first time I’m closing my Wells Fargo account, but I’m not sure if I’ll be opening a third one ever again.

I mean, really? Let’s see…

I pay $15 a month, which is $15 more than what I’m paying to Chase (they wave my fees because I have direct deposits).

What do I get?

Wells Fargo, you should wake up and smell the roses.

Online banking? Frankly, the Wells Fargo web interface is the worst of all my banking services providers, except for maybe the American Express Bank FSB where I have a savings account. I’m OK with a boring plain site where I can only see my balances if I get competitive rate on my money as I get from Amex. But WF? They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, if they want to charge me that $15, their web interface must be the best, and its very far from that.

Mobile banking? Wells Fargo, have you seen your iPhone application? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? 3 letters to describe a transaction, really? Deposits, transfers, bill paying, statements, rates – where’s all that on my iPhone? I’ve been depositing checks through my phone into my Chase account for more than a year. You’re still advertising check deposits through ATM’s!

Your 12000 ATMS’s… Where are they? Yeah, its pretty easy to find a Wells Fargo in California. How about Massachusetts? I was looking for an ATM in Springfield, MA. You know where the closest one is? In Hartford, CT – 30 miles away! Same goes for Chase, by the way, but they at least don’t charge me $15 for the convenience.

Wells Fargo, why do you want me to pay for service that I was getting for free, and can continue getting for free elsewhere? You think it’s such a trouble to close an account? You just wait and see.

Your Little Advisor.

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