Craziness is over, we can get some rest now…

Now that the Black Friday shopping insanity is over, we can finally get the well-deserved holiday rest.

What is the conclusion of all this?

I have several:

1. Don’t go to the malls before opening. Its dangerous, and most likely pointless.

2. Don’t expect extraordinary deals. The “Black Friday One-Day Sale Prices” are almost always based on the full MSRP prices (whereas the “standard” store pricing always includes one discount or another), and will most likely be available after the Black Friday, till Christmas.

3. Get a list, and compare prices and measure sizes ahead of time. I suggested it already, and it proved to be very effective. Saves enormous amount of time and effort of choosing what’s right and thinking about whether the discounts actually worth the effort.

4. Read the return policies. In most stores you can return purchases for full refund, so if you’re in doubt – grab, don’t wait. It may be gone by the time you make your “educated” decision. You can return it later. Keep in mind though that this kind of shopping has a caveat: you might “forget” the returning part and end up buying stuff you didn’t really need or can’t really afford.

5. The last, but not least – try not to go out shopping during Black Friday at all. Everything (or almost everything) is available online. If you measure sizes in store ahead of time – you can order all your clothes and footwear online. Electronics and appliances – goes without saying.

Or just don’t shop during the Black Friday at all, as some people suggest.

Happy holidays,

Your Little Advisor

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