Another shopping event – Cyber Monday

Yes, another holiday created by the retailers, so Happy Cyber Monday everyone!

Well, if you’re not all done with the craziness of the Black Friday, enjoy your continuing shopping. I know I’m done…:-)

However, there’s a treat for those who don’t want any more shopping, after all: more than $500 worth of free kindle books, right here, on Amazon.

Most of those you would probably not buy, but if they’re for free, you might want some. Examples of what you could get for free:

1. Cookbooks – from many different cuisines of the world, plenty

2. Science Fiction Star Wars series (Lost Tribe of Sith 1-7)

3. Professional programming and math books (some are $0.99 regular price though…)

and many many more.

So enjoy your reading, and by the way – even if you don’t have an actual Kindle device, you can always download the books to your iPhone or Android device, or just read them in your browser.

Your Little Advisor.

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