How to get a global or US local phone number? Easy.

Many people are looking into getting a “global” phone number, i.e.: phone number in an entirely different country from where they live, or a phone line with numbers in different countries where calling any of them would ring at the same desk.

Well, there are solutions for that. Here’s a summary:

1. I’ve already mentioned Skype before. They offer numbers in various different countries (Including US, UK and other European countries, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and others) for a fee which is very competitive. You can use Skype as a default dialer with your Android phone, and with an app on Android, iPhone or Nokia (Symbian) phones.

2. Google Voice service allows you getting a US phone number with unlimited US calls and text (and competitive international rates). Unfortunately they only allow getting US numbers. You can use Google Voice as your default dialer on your Android phone, and with an app on your iPhone.

3. Magic Jack, also mentioned before, requires an additional piece of hardware and yearly subscription fees. Only available in the US.

4. Cricket, a US mobile provider, started providing a “Global Local Number” service, with which you can get a phone number in any of a large selection of countries. This feature is available to Cricket mobile subscribers in the US, who want their local US to ring when someone from a different country calls a local (to that country) number. If you’re receiving a lot of calls from outside of the US and want to reduce the prices for your callers – this is definitely the option for you. This feature is $10 in addition to your current Cricket plan (which starts with 300 minutes and unlimited web/text for as low as $25 a month).

So if you are receiving calls from outside the US, or you are outside the US and want to get a local US numbers (or even if you’re in the US and need an additional number but don’t want to carry an additional phone/plan) – there are many options for you that would save you tons of money.

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