Remember – you get what you pay for!

This shopping season is coming to its end, another couple of weeks and the great “After Holidays Returns Season” begins.

I’ve already posted my conclusions from Black Friday shopping experience. What about Cyber Monday, that lasted for a couple of weeks this year?

Well, its in the subject line of this post: You get what you pay for.

Bottom line is that no-one is losing money on selling products cheaper to you. If a product is sold with a significant discount – there’s a reason for that.

As an example – I bought a set of memory sticks for my laptop. The reviews were pretty decent, but some mentioned they’ve gotten the sticks dead on arrival. That never happened to me with any other brand, but surprisingly – it did with this one. I posted my review on Newegg (where I bought them) saying I received them dead on arrival as well, and surprisingly my review didn’t show up on the product page. It was, probably, filtered out. As, so I assume, many other negative reviews, skewing the rating to be more positive than it really is.

I must give credit to Newegg – they refunded the purchase (waving the 15% restocking fee, and giving me a gift-card for the return shipping costs), but still – when you buy cheap electronics, at half price than what you’d usually expect a similar product to cost – beware. You’re getting what you paid for. Sometimes it works well and you saved some bucks. Sometimes you get burned. If you want to be sure you get what you want – buy a known respected brand, at a closer to full price.

Your Little Advisor

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