Happy holidays!

While some of us are going out on vacations, others are still shopping. This is the end of the season, and now is the good time to look for those last minute deals. However, remember that if you haven’t bought what you need yet, you might not find it for a price as good as you might have get just a couple of weeks ago.

Yet, some retailers still have good merchandise for good prices. If you can wait, though, I’d suggest waiting.

After the New Year, you’ll see long long lines in stores again. This time it will be people returning stuff. What this means is that you might get really good deals on refurbished items. What is a refurbished item? Someone bought it, didn’t like it, and returned it. If that someone opened it – it can no longer be sold as new. So refurbished doesn’t necessarily means “it was broken/bad”, many times it means “someone didn’t like it, and now I get to buy it for half the original price”. I have a refurbished laptop that I bought for $150 more than a year ago. This model still sales, new, for $250. Just an example. I didn’t have any issues or problems with it, and its not my first refurbished laptop.

So, enjoy your holidays, and get ready – the shopping season is not over. It never is!

Your Little Advisor

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