Home Depot – What’s with the on-line service???

I find it very convenient to shop online, you probably know that if you’re reading my blog.

But, many times we need things quickly and cannot wait for the shipping to arrive. Especially the little things needed to fix a drainage at home. But then again the convenience of on-line shopping, not needing to go around the store looking for items you need and trying to figure out what’s best…

It seemed to me that Home Depot found a very elegant solution: I can shop on-line with all the benefits of on-line shopping (like cash rebate on Mr.Rebates), yet still pick the items up from the store, saving the time and money of the shipping.

In theory it sounds nice. In practice – my experience was such that I would probably try to avoid Home Depot on-line store if I can in the foreseeable future.

What should happen is that 20-30 minutes after placing the order they should call or text you saying that the items are ready for pickup at the store of your choosing. Then all you need to do is to waltz in to the store, go to the customer service desk, pick your stuff up and go away without a delay. That’s what I expected. In practice, after waiting for more than 10 minutes for the customer service representative to appear (let alone give me the stuff I ordered, which was nowhere near the customer service desk when I arrived), I gave up, went through the aisles and found everything I needed, checked out at the register, and still had enough time to notice that the customer service desk was still unmanned.

My next experience with the Home Depot online store was when I bought an item on sale that was shipped to my home. The item needed certain customizations and these (according to the website) could have been done in any store, for free. Yet, when I arrived with the item to the store they said that they only do customizations to items bought in store, not online. After some discussion they agreed to do the customization but without taking any responsibility for damage. Fortunately, I cold return the item in the store, and didn’t have to pay shipping back. At least one bright point in the whole ordeal.

Bottom line – on-line shopping should be convenient, and “pick up in store” feature should be efficient, otherwise there’s no point in providing the option. If it is faster for me to walk though the store looking for my items than to pre-order online for in-store pickup – why waste time on ordering online? And if some other store can save me time (like Lowe’s, where the similar service has proven to be very effective, at least for me), then why would I buy at Home Depot? I probably wouldn’t.

So if anyone from Home Depot comes across this rant – maybe you can do something about it. For my other readers – if you think that “in-store pickup” online order will save you timeĀ  – don’t rely on it too much, you might get disappointed.

Your Little Advisor

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