Are you changing your car oil every 3000 miles? Well, maybe you could save some…

As it was recently published, there’s no real need to do that. Changing oil every 3000 miles does good only to the oil companies and your local Jiffy Lube.

Its not really a big secret, its written in your car maintenance guide, yet apparently people still follow the dealers’ “honest” advice to change oil every 3000 miles, while the manufacturers’ requirements are double and more than that. Why don’t people do what their maintenance guide says? Historical reasons, most likely. In the old days with the old cars, you really should have changed the oil every 3000 miles in order not to damage the engine. Now? Twice as much, and that’s if you’re driving under “bad” conditions – short distances that don’t allow the oil and the engine to fully warm up, frequent stops, etc.

The New York Times published an article a while ago about how to treat your car better, and save some on these unnecessary oil changes. The California government published an appeal not so long ago to try and convince the drivers not to waste so much oil on these frequent oil changes, as well. Why would the government care? Well, frequent oil changes are not only harming our wallets, but also the environment, which the government wants to protect. So if you want to be green – save some green, and don’t change the oil every month.

Consider this, when you drive

Your Little Advisor


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