Save yourselves, call your Senator! The CISPA is coming!

I wrote about the political bullying of the current Congress before. It hasn’t stopped yet.

Recently (a couple of days, in fact), the House has passed CISPA.

While the name may sound very good, the actual content is not as good as it sounds. Yes, we want to prevent spies and attackers from using the network, but not by reducing our already reduced privacy and liberties. And no, copyright infringements are not spying. Sharing content is not spying and uploading or downloading content copyrighted or not, is not spying.

CISPA removes the barriers between the private parties and the government, and allows private parties sharing information they have with the government. That without any court order or due process review of the necessity. Only after the fact, if you’ve been harmed, you can try and sue. Good luck with that.

According to CISPA, ISP’s may censor and block users or content at their own discretion, similarly to the SOPA that has been blocked before.

Contact your senator; you can still stop it from happening. You can do that through this page or that page. Templates can be taken from here if you’d rather send a letter.

Republicans in the House are trying to do as much damage as they can before they’re voted out this November. Don’t let them.

Your Little Advisor.

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